Friday, 22 June 2012

Thank Crunchie it's Friday

Glasgow maintaining it's grey look, with the added bonus of torrential rain, but just to add to the mix it's quite warm. Despite the weather it's been a bright week for us, lots of positives and general feeling that we are moving forward in terms of the business and our future.

I watched Hitler's Children last night on BBC2 I think you can get it on iplayer   I would thoroughly recommend taking the time to watch what I thought was a very revealing and somewhat worrying documentary about the lives of some of families descended from Hitler's various trusted henchmen, it's a subject not often looked at but this documentary I felt delivered a great insight into a taboo world often now overlooked.

Still struggling with my website, wish I has some CSS knowledge but I don't so will just keep battering away. Need to get my likes in Facebook to 30 so I can fully access the resources please Like if you can.

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